The Communications Authority of Kenya has issued an order directing network operators to deactivate unregistered and partially registered SIM cards.

This they say is because, the unregistered SIM cards are being used to commit crime.

According to the Authority, using unregistered SIM cards can land individuals in jail for six months.

It can as well, cost them KSh 100,000 in fine or both if convicted.

And as such urged subscribers to make sure all their SIM cards are registered to avoid the trouble.

The Director General of the Authority, Francis Wangusi, revealed that both mobile network operators and subscribers in the country have not been complying with the requirements of the Kenya Information and Communications Regulations, 2015.

However per the Rule 5 (1) of the Regulations, a person who intends to register a SIM Card shall provide full names, original or copy of National ID card, identity card, date of birth, gender, postal address where available among others to the telecommunications operator or agent.

The Director General added that, subscribers whose SIM cards will be suspended will still be able to have the SIM cards reactivated once they submit the relevant information to their service provider as stipulated in Rule 5 (1) of the regulations.

Report by: Stephanie Horsu