Ghana’s Communication Minister Ursula Owusu Ekuful has stated that latest by the end of 2019, the ban on mobile phones in Senior High Schools would be lifted. 

She indicated that, allowing students access to their phones in school has greater advantages than disadvantages. 

She highlighted that, unapproved sites should be regulated to prevent students from having easy access to them.

This she said, will help curb corruption and encouraging regulation. 

“We are still having those conversations with the GES and the Ministry of Education to see how that will be possible,” she stated.

According to her, government is working with device manufacturers to assemble some of these devices locally, as it will make it more affordable and accessible to Ghanaians.

“If it is meant for schools they will be preloaded with educational contents only or access to approve sites only.” 

The Minister of Communications is confident that by the end of 2019 the ban will be lifted so as to make educational contents more accessible and affordable.