Lava, a growing Indian mobile phone company, has started operations in Ghana with assurances to deliver efficient mobile technology to consumers.

The launch featured smartphones through Champion Series (C1, A1, N1) and smartphones through Z series (Z81 2GB, Z81 3GB) and Iris 51.

Mr. Rahul Kumar Singh, Country Manager, Lava Technologies, and Mr. Saurabh Verma, Executive Director, Lava Technologies, jointly performed the launch of the entry of Lava phones into the Ghanaian market in Accra.

Mr. Singh commented on Lava’s price and quality, as its competitive edge in the Ghanaian market and other countries has a great potential.

According to him, plans are underway to enter other African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, the Ivory Coast, Uganda, Ethiopia and Morocco.

He noted that, they had one-year warranty for their mobile phone products which is affordable and of a good quality.

He mentioned that, Lava Technologies is hopeful that by the year 2020, they would be taking 20 per cent of the Ghanaian mobile phone market.

Speaking at the launch, Vikram Singh Parmar, CEO for Lava Africa, said: “The vision of Lava is to make valuable technology accessible to people and empower them to do more.