A memorandum of understanding (MOU) concerning the Ghana Smart Cities project, under the brand name ArisCel has been signed by three involved parties.

The involved corporations, Celltel Networks, Roberta Annan Consulting (RAC), and Chinese government’s international cooperation company (CEIEC), have agreed to collaborate in the implementation of this project.

By the terms stated in the MOU, Celltel Networks is the concept developer, RAC function as business consultants for CEIEC, and CEIEC joins a group of corporations delivering on the project.

Celltel Networks, RAC and CEIEC are set to join a comprehensive agreement with the other partners of the project, funded by a consortium of private investment banks and vendors.

The Ghana Smart Cities project, in association with local government and other agencies, is designed to provide affordable nationwide Wi-Fi network.

Before the signing of the MoU, RAC and CEIEC, Celtell Networks and its original foreign partners on the project had been working on the project design for years.

Meanwhile, Celltel has already acquired four floors in the strategically placed and plush 12-storey 335 Place along the N1 Motorway extension, for offices, an academy and a showroom.

Roberta Annan, CEO of RAC, believes this collaboration will go a long way to give Ghanaians easy and affordable access to relevant technology to boost their businesses, particularly at the small-scale level nationwide.

Other partners on the project include U.S. based Aristotle (technical advisor) and Silversys (implementation partner on the core Cisco technologies).