After a series of challenges, MTN Ghana  has successfully ended the version 5.0 of its Apps Challenge where more than a hundred and ninety (190) applications were received.

Fifty-six (56) projects were received for mobile Apps, seven (7) for Internet of Things (IoT), nine (9) for animation videos and seven (7) SHS projects.

Seventy-two (72) from freelance and seven (7) from Senior High Schools (SHS).

These apps were put through a rigorous selection process and only 24 projects made it to the final auditions.

After a review by judges, four apps came out successful in the following categories:

1.Education, Games & Entertainment 2.Business and Lifestyle                  3.Animations (Entertainment Video series)   4.IOT (Transportation and Health)

With two other apps from the High School Category and the Best Female Project. Below is the list of winners:

Mobile App (Lifestyle)- SARIO                 Sario is a platform that allows content creators to run a content subscription service, provide exclusive experiences to their subscriber and get paid.

Redefining the crowdfunding model; helping more creators monetize their craft and raise funds for their projects.

Ronald Tagoe, Derrick Lamptey, Dominic Kepomey, Joseph Kiipo, Pascal Okyere Adomako


Mobile App (Business)- TRANSGOV          A mobile application that enables citizens to report community problems without needing to know the specific agency responsible for resolving such problems.

Citizens can track the progress of their report and give feedback to the relevant agencies.

Jerry Akanyi-King, Kennedy Anyinatoe


Mobile App (Games & Entertainment) -Atsu

Atsu is a top down logic puzzle solving game that allows kids to learn the basics of logic and problem solving in a fun and entertaining way.

This is game is meant to allow everyone to see how fun it is to solve problems logically.

Andy Korshie-Sherie


Mobile App (Education)- Memoria
Memoria is an AI Voice Assistant that helps students learn academic subjects using Gamified Quiz

Elohor Thomas/Ehiaghe Aigiomawu


Internet of Things- Smart Traffic Control System 

Smart Traffic Control System utilizes computer vision for a more efficient traffic control.

Vehicle flow and waiting times will then be automatically determined and assigned to each lane based on the vehicular density.

Ayatullah Zakaria


Animations (ALUTA)- Man Must Chop Man

Must Chop’ is an exciting story of an ambitious and energetic young man called Aluta who is simply trying to find himself as he ‘hustles’ through the hard streets of Accra.

As a man of many ‘talents’, he is constantly trying out different jobs all in his endless attempt to discover what he is best at.

Razahk Issaka


SHS Mobile App- Reading Aid                  Max Otuteye and Isaac Laryea


Best Female Project- Kaya App               Our App is a grocery Shopping Services with the Kayayes(head potters).

Naomi Kokuro