Telco giant, MTN has introduced an exciting service that allows game lovers to download and play mobile games on their phones and devices that can connect to the internet.

The service known as the MTN Game+  offers customers different categories of games among which they can choose and enjoy a unique digital experience.

With the MTN Game+ service, customers can download, purchase and play games on their data enabled handsets or other devices via WAP, Mobile WEB and App channels whiles enjoying the new ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle game experience.

However, for Android, users can purchase items in a game, as well as under a subscription model that unlocks props in several games for the period of subscription either daily, weekly or monthly.

Apart from getting the opportunity to enjoy a vast collection of popular games, customers who become VIP members also get the chance to enjoy 3 days FREE trial on all special privileges!

As part of the service, customers also get the chance to win exciting prizes and surprises regularly.

To purchase the game, payment can be done via mobile money or airtime.

The MTN Mobile Games Offer The Following Features:
Navigate: All customers should be able to easily navigate all sections of the app.

Register: All customers are able to register to the Mobile Game service, using their MSISDN as authentication details. The verification code would also be sent to them. This operation is free.

Preview: All customers should be able to browse details of each game.

Subscribe: MTN customers are able to subscribe to the service and enjoy the games within the subscription period.

Download: MTN customers are able to purchase and download games/items to their devices.

Share: MTN customers are able to share the loved game to their personal Facebook/twitter. This operation is free.

History: MTN customers are able to check her/his history record in this app (Android).

APP notification push: Users can receive recommendations from the notification push from the Android APP.

In-app purchase: Users can purchase and use props in games (Android).

How it works
The MTN Game+ service can be accessed via the mobile portal on or by SMS, by dialing *5030*1#.

Subscribers will then receive the subscription notification and link to web portal.

For the first subscription, 3 days of free access will be given to subscribers after which they will be charged at the end of the trial period.