The past few days have seen MTN subscribers who use the Mobile Money platform struggle with simple tasks like sending money to others on other networks.

The Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) looked into the issue and confirmed that the challenges faced by MTN customers on the Mobile Money Interoperability are capacity issues that are in the process of being resolved.

Archie Hesse, the Chief Executive of GhIPSS, assured the public that he and his outfit are working to resolve the issue in an interview.

“Since inception the system has been running perfectly well, however we realized that in the last month there have been a number of failures in some of the transactions emanating mainly from MTN.”

“We’ve since started working with MTN and the other telecommunication companies to try and find out what exactly the problem is. What we have found out is that there are some minor capacity challenges which we working on,” Mr. Hesse said.

The mobile money interoperability, in its first year of implementation, allows the transfer of cash from one mobile network to another.

Eli Hini, the General Manager for Mobile Money Services at MTN, said the telecom company is focused on making the interoperability platform more convenient for customers.

“We have not done anything on our side to make customers life uncomfortable. And we’ll never do that. Because we believe that the service helps customers enjoy our platform better, and we’ll continue to work to make the platform very convenient for our customers.”