MTN has launched its 4G+ service to provide better and faster data speeds for its customers with wider internet connectivity coverage to customers.

The service utilizes 4G LTE Advanced technology with 800MHz and 2600MHz (acquired from GoldKey) which enhance the 4G LTE experience.

Selorm Adadevoh, CEO of MTN Ghana, said the enhanced data service will positively affect the country’s development as it increases the availability of digital data services for Ghanaians.

Furthermore, the CEO mentioned the company’s commitment to investing in the latest technology in order to better serve its customer as it continues to support the country’s y growth in three main areas; Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Big Data.

“With faster internet and wider coverage, the transmission of data can be done with ease, on-the-go, with the best speed everywhere. Higher speed internet broadband promotes business growth and enriched social lives, ultimately boosting national development,” said Adadevoh.

Thomas Motlepa, the Chief Technical Officer for MTN Ghana, says the company has already deployed 1,226 of 4G LTE sites while 625 sites are 4G+ in all regions nationwide.

Additionally, the company is currently preparing for full national coverage.