The streaming service boom is still in full swing as NBCUniversal plans to launch its own contender to Netflix’s throne in early 2020.

The service will take two forms: an ad-supported version for free to pay TV subscribers through Comcast Cable and Sky, and an ad-free paid version.

Both will allow access to the company’s large selection of shows (hopefully including The Office and Parks and Recreation), in addition to content from outside studios.

The company is also hinting that some of its TV shows may leave Netflix. “NBCUniversal will continue to license content to other studios and platforms, while retaining rights to certain titles for its new service,” the company said in its press release.

This is bad news for Netflix since it licenses some of its most popular content from NBCUniversal and its movie subsidiary Universal Pictures.

The Disney and AT&T’s WarnerMedia plan on launching their own competing services later this year are signs that Netflix will face stiff competition in the coming years.

It isn’t clear what NBCUniversal will name its own streaming service. But the goal is to make the ad-supported version available to any consumer who subscribes to a cable or satellite provider, including DirecTV, Charter, and Dish Network.

According to Steve Burke (CEO – NBCUniversal), the launch of the new service also won’t mean an end to Hulu; NBCUniversal has a 30 percent minority stake in the service and its shows are available there.

However, Disney is set to take full majority control of Hulu once it completes its acquisition of 21st Century Fox.