With help from stakeholders and operators, the Nigeria Communications Commission,(NCC) is working on improving it’s telecommunication services at rural
areas in Nigeria.

Initially, the commission was partnering with service providers to deploy base stations in areas without network at a rate of 10 per anum.

But observing that, it would take 20 years to bridge the technology gap, the commission introduced a Rural Technology solution which will help cut down the years to four.

According to Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, Prof Umar Danbatta, the technology solution has been set up as a pilot project at three different location in the country.

The project is being done in partnership with some technology companies based in Abuja, to help reciprocate the deployment beyond the pilot.

He also indicated that in order to bridge the gap, there should be a spectrum.

And as most operators have this spectrum, the commission will leverage on it to facilitate an effective partnership between the owners and the operators.

He also added that, the commission often receives complaints from consumers about poor service delivery.

As a result, the commission has promised to do everything within its regulatory mechanisms to ensure that constant Telcom service delivery is sustained.