Nigeria has emerged as the leader in Agri-tech startups in Africa according to a new report.

Nigeria accommodates 19 agri-tech startups which makes 23.2 percent of Africa’s total number of undertakers effective in the startup space.

According to the report “Agrinnovating” for Africa 2018, West Africa comes second in the agri-tech startup space with 44 percent of Africa’s agri-tech startups which spreads across six countries.

However, Ghana is graded as the second agri-tech ecosystem in West African and the third in Africa. It is made up of 12 agri-tech undertakers leading to 14.7 percent of Africa’s total.

Viable startups were as well noted in Gambia which is rising as a solid agri-tech market in West  Africa.

Only three of Nigeria’s 19 startups were established pre-2016, which proves a sudden rise in the space.

Also, seven of Ghana’s 12 startups were outdoored in 2016 and 2017. Ghana is also harbors some old startups which were established way back in 2012.

The e-commerce sector is the most effective area for agri-tech undertakers in Nigeria recording for 47.4 percent of the country’s overall agri-tech startups .

In Nigeria, fintech for farmers is common with 26.3 percent of startups doing well in this space.

Moreover, Ghana dominates in Africa with land ownership startups.

Nigeria and Ghana agri-tech startups pulls a considerable number of investors, a comprehensive fact explaining the established type of the ecosystems and the corresponded rising investors with these agri-tech market.

By: Irene Ashiley/