President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari, has unveiled a surveillance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which would help fight terrorism in the country.

The drone was produced locally by the Nigerian Air Force Institute of Technology.

The development is part of the Federal Government’s effort to tackle insecurity in the country.

The UAV dubbed “TSAIGUMI” is the first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to be produced in the country which will not only be used to fight terrorism, but also armed banditry and other sophisticated crimes through enhanced air surveillance.

During the unveiling of the drone, the president expresses how excited he was about the technology.

He explained that, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle can loiter and maintain an ‘‘unblinking stare’’ over a chosen area for hours.

According to him, the drone can also provide a continuous stream of vital information on enemy activities.

He added that the employment of UAV capabilities for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance as well as strike operations will increase the chances of success while minimising unwanted collateral damage.

He said, the added capacity for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance provided by the TSAIGUMI will boost ongoing and future security operations.

According to him, the project would create employment and possibly generate revenue as Nigeria’s first military export product.