Today’s round of quarterfinals took an unexpected turn when against all expectations, Opoku Ware School(OWASS) lost to Mawuli School.

OWASS competed against Mawuli School and New Juaben SHS in the first contest of the day and OWASS were leading.

Unexpectedly, Mawuli School caught up to OWASS and by the end of the match, the two schools were tied at 44 points; New Juaben with 24 points.

In the tiebreaker round, Mawuli School (Okwen Wisdom, Dzikum Isaac Newton) to the delight of supporters answered correctly and won the contest with 47 points.

The second contest of the day saw Koforidua Sec. Tech. School(K.S.T.S) compete with Keta SHS and Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS(A.P.G.S.S) for a place in the semifinals.

Keta SHS lead this competition and despite A.P.G.S.S nearly drawing with them, Keta SHS (Dadee-Seshie Senanu Daniel, Awuku Kwadwo Godfred) managed to win the competition with 32 points, A.P.G.S.S with 28 points and K.S.T.S with 23 points.

The last competition of the day involved St. Peter’s SHS, Wesley Girls’ High School and St. Thomas Aquinas SHS.

Though most people anticipated a fierce competition between St. Peter’s and St. Thomas Aquinas it was not the case with St. Peter’s dominating the contest throughout the rounds.

The end of the competition saw St. Peter’s (Kissi Annoh Kwaku, Fenny Benjamin) winner with 63 points, Wesley Girls’ with 36 points and St. Thomas Aquinas with 28 points