Optiva Inc. an innovative software provider, has announced the new phase and commercial launch of Omantel’s multi-play billing and charging transformation on Optiva Charging EngineTM.

Omantel, the leading telco provider in Oman and regional leader in the Middle East, is experiencing growth in its subscriber base as a result of massive acquisitions.

The growth, coupled with an increased demand for mobile connectivity and specifically data, has made digital transformation critical for the company.

The successful launch of this new phase will assist Omantel to further revolutionize its fixed-line and multi-play services.l

COO of Omantel, Samy Al Ghassany said, Optiva is integral to their corporate strategy and digital transformation.

According to him, Omantel counts on Optiva Charging Engine and the payments solution as well as their reliable support, maintenance and managed services to allow them monetize a variety of multi-play services, including mobile prepaid and postpaid, hybrid, fixed, cable and internet.

“Optiva is a strategic partner to us, and we look forward to our continued collaboration as our program enters its next phase of 5G, IoT and cloud transformation,” he added.

Expressing delight, Danielle Royston, CEO of Optiva said; “We are excited to be a key partner in assisting Omantel in achieving their corporate strategy and their digital transformation for their BSS ecosystem.

“Omantel’s investment in their digital transformation and commitment to act on their multi-play strategy will allow them to provide a world-class experience to their customers and ultimately increase revenue while retaining their base.”

Omantel has earned a reputation as a trusted and innovative provider as shown by their partnership with the Oman Government Network.

In this role, they support the government’s telecommunication infrastructure and digital transformation, improving public services and providing a secure, reliable network.