Paradise Game (, beacon for esports and edtech in Africa, initiated with VISA, a regional program to promote financial education to equip 200,000 young Africans with economic, budgetary and financial knowledge. The official launch was held during FEJA (Festival of Electronics and Video Game of Abidjan), a major gaming event on the continent, on November 26th and 27th 2022 at Cosmos Yopougon.

Launch of a video game designed by VISA during the 6th Edition of FEJA (Festival of Electronics and Video Game of Abidjan), the biggest esports event in Africa 

Since 2017, Abidjan hosts every year the FEJA, a major gathering dedicated to video game fans where the best players compete. Gamers get to connect and share while all the tournaments are broadcasted online. This event stands as an exceptional opportunity for thousands of young Africans to discover the FINANCIAL FOOTBALL and test their financial education knowledge.

Managing basic financial tools is key for more inclusivity. 

Financial education is one growing issue for local and federal governments. Traditional school curriculums lack that type of soft skill which creates a real handicap for the youth. 

Several studies showed that having financial education at a young age could help reduce risks of debt, and also positively impact their financial choices in the long run.

Paradise Game and VISA unite to launch the program “The Money Kings – Gamify your financial knowledge” or how to use gaming to promote financial education.

This program consists in teaching financial education using technology. It includes content creation, in-school activities, initiations and competitions. The workshops organized in this program will provide the basic tools to better manage money and personal finances.

Sidick Bakayoko, Founder of Paradise Game, welcomed the partnership with VISA, world leader of digital payments:

“As a video game industry player, we are happy to join VISA in its efforts to promote financial literacy in Africa. Video games are a powerful learning tool that can enable us to improve skills, boost creativity, and inspire the new generation. This collaboration shows the potential of this sector and its capacity to impact lives. Training the youth is a key topic and the assistance of VISA will reinforce our mission which is to entertain, educate, and empower the youth in Africa”.

Mr Carl Malan, Vice-President, Inclusive Impact and Sustainable Development at Visa Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

“The video game industry is growing in Africa. Working with Paradise Game allows us to attract a dynamic young audience that needs to grow financial education skills if they want to fully enjoy everything the digital universe offers.”