Plex VR has at long last launched for the Samsung Gear VR, following its debut for Google Daydream in January, affording users a simulated environment – a cinema or an apartment, to name but a few – to tune into a show with up to three friends.

The application, which is free to download from the Oculus Store but requires a subscription for access to the aforementioned co-watching feature, is capable of streaming content stored on a Plex Server or a local medium, like a microSD card.

Plex, unlike Netflix, doesn’t offer a catalogue of on-demand content. And that’s because it was designed to let customers aggregate their media. But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch a movie using Plex VR – if it’s on your Server, you can view it.

There are many (legal) ways to upload content to your Plex Server, with the easiest being to purchase a Plex Pass subscription, then configure Plex Live TV & DVR – a feature that lets you record both movies and shows for viewing at a later date.

While Plex VR is available to download for the Gear VR right now, co-watching won’t arrive for at least a couple of weeks, according to Plex, so you have plenty of time to populate a library for you and your friends to work your way through.