Huawei has recently launched the HUAWEI Y6p and you’d find it hard to believe that it’s a budget phone. The phone which comes in Phantom Purple, Emerald Green and Midnight Black, does not only have a triple rear camera, but one of its most attractive features is its sizable 5000mAh battery within its sleek size. With HUAWEI Y6p’s powerful battery, you won’t have to worry about charging your phone frequently.

A massive battery upgrade to 5000mAh
You essentially have your phone on you every day – but will your smartphone’s battery life suffice? Battery life is an important consideration for smartphone users as nowadays we tend to heavily depend on our smartphones for so many tasks. The new HUAWEI Y6p is the model with the biggest battery capacity within the HUAWEI Y Series. After a single full charge, it can support up to 32 hours of video playback or up to 20 hours of continuous 4G surfing, giving a much-needed boost to battery life for your daily needs.

Thanks to Huawei’s EMUI10.1 OS, HUAWEI Y6p also features an Ultra Power Saving Mode that helps extend battery life. When it is running out of battery, the user just needs to turn on this mode under the battery settings. With this, the smartphone immediately shuts down low-priority apps to leave only the Call, Text, Contact and some selected apps working, which effectively extends the battery life for users. Users can also go to this mode and check the remaining battery time. With such impressive battery life, users are guaranteed they can stay online and connected with family and friends when travelling or commuting.

Some may even joke that HUAWEI Y6p is as powerful as a power bank. And in fact, the smartphone can be used as a power bank for other devices! It supports reverse charging that can make full use of its big battery. Just use an OTG cable to connect HUAWEI Y6p with another device that needs recharging and the smartphone can quickly charge the device or accessory, such as headphones.

Long standby time for superior video and audio experience
With a longer standby time, users can freely enjoy mobile games, music or videos on their smartphone for the entire day. HUAWEI Y6p features a 6.3-inch LCD display with narrow bezels and a minimal dewdrop cut-out area for a wider viewing experience.

In terms of audio effects for video playback, HUAWEI Y6p supports the 10V high voltage Smart PA technology, enabling a maximum speaker volume of 88dB, which is about 1.6 times that of a normal smartphone. Using the HUAWEI Y6p to watch movies brings impressive volume, adding to the dramatic experience.