Mr. Ayaria displaying his exploded Smartphone

Hassan Ayariga, Founder and Presidential candidate of the All People’s Congress (APC) a political party in Ghana, has narrowly escaped with his life after  Samsung handset burst into flames shortly after he ended a call.

The APC Founder after the incident took to Facebook and posted a video saying his phone burst into flames five minutes after he reconnected it to the charger following a conversation.

The video which went viral on Facebook was tagged with ‘Do not use your phone while charging it’.

In the video he narrated the ordeal saying : “Early this morning after I received a call from a friend, I put the phone on charge and in less than five minutes the phone started burning

“As you can see, it’s an S5 totally burnt and even the table on which it was lying got burnt,” the former Presidential candidate stressed.

He however, cautioned that putting phones on charge and using it at the same time is a serious deal and as such the public should desist from it.