The first celebration of re:publica in Accra which kicked off with a bang, at Trade Fair Round Pavilion held many attendees around the world as they bore witness to many stands with products from Ghana and the world over.

Re:publica’s festival which celebrates  digital transformations took place in a grand style. 

It started out as a simple gathering in Berlin (2007) and now it’s one of Europe’s biggest festivals on digital rights, culture, communication and lifestyle.

The opening ceremony included many highlights as the founders of ImpactHub Accra and re:publica gathered to share various remarks on the event.

The keynote speech delivered by Nanjira Sambuli was of particular import as she challenged the current state of app development and startups in Africa as a whole.

She called on African creators to make their own story and create technologies relevant to the African experience.

Also, in attendance, were Nii Adjei Sowah Mayor of Accra, and Christoph Retzlaff German Ambassador.

After the opening ceremony, the various lounges began their talks.

Booths were also open with displays and individuals ready to help with information and pamphlets.

#SheDigital promoted access to sustainable digital opportunities for African Women.

With the Glass Room Experience giving visitors the chance to take stock of their digital lives as well as find ways of making them more secure and private.

Other booths opened to visitors during the event were Hyrac Box Mobile Server, Bloom Impact, Wikimedia Ghana User Group, Cipessa (Promoting Effective and Inclusive ICT Policy in Africa).

Tomorrow promises more from re:publica Accra, this was just the beginning.