Samsung has unveiled two brand new devices in the A series; the Samsung Galaxy A7 and the Samsung Galaxy A9.

The two devices were announced before the turn of the weekend and they are rather interesting.

The Galaxy A7 was announced some time earlier and was revealed to have three rear cameras, a feature that is beginning to catch on on many devices this year.

The A7 has a super AMOLED display, dual SIM, comes in a 6gb or 4gb RAM variants and a series of other impressive features for a mid-range device.

The Galaxy A9 on the other hand is where Samsung took a bold step towards innovation.

With the A7 having three rear cameras, the A9 took it a step further and has four rear cameras.

Each camera however has a purpose.

The phone has a primary or main lens for the usual shots, then an ultra-wide lens for wider shots, a telephoto lens for 2x optical zoom and finally a depth sensor.

The phone has 8gb of RAM running on a Snapdragon 660 which is an older chip set.

The device has Samsung’s super AMOLED display and 3800mAh battery life.

The devices are set to go on sale sometime in November and are mid-range phones so they will be relatively more affordable than the more premium Galaxy S series.