Plans are underway in Japan to have driverless car service on Tokyo’s public roads in time for the 2020 Olympics.

The government however plans to begin testing of a self-driving car system on public roads sometime this fiscal year with the goal of launching it for the Tokyo Olympics come 2020. The government will then try to commercialize it as early as 2022.

This is part of the Governments resolve to drive investments in new technologies in a new government strategic review announced on Monday.

The strategy, presented at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, looks to drive economic growth through investment in new technologies and includes plans to allow the development of virtual power plants by the end of the fiscal year in March 2022.

Additionally, the government plans to make it easier for students to earn multi-disciplinary degrees needed to work in artificial intelligence through regulation changes.

The proposals are part of a larger package of fiscal and economic policies the government aims to compile by the end of the month.