Want to get started on vlogging but don’t have much to spend? Here’s some good news for you: Huawei’s latest phone, the HUAWEI Y9a, features an impressive camera setup and 40W fast charging. This means you can capture stunning moments and vlog all day without constantly worrying about your battery.

What’s more, its 128 GB internal storage provides plenty of space for photos and videos, so you can shoot and save as much content as you like, and decide later which stuff you want to post on social media.

Check out the camera features below, and see if the HUAWEI Y9a meets all your vlogging and selfie shooting needs.

Super Night Shots
The back of the HUAWEI Y9a houses an AI quad camera, which comprises a 64 MP primary, 8 MP 120° ultra-wide angle, 2 MP depth, and 2 MP macro units. This 64 MP camera (f/1.8 aperture) has a 1/1.7 inch large sensor, and can produce images with 33% more pixels than a 48 MP one could in High-Res mode. The quality of images remains high even when you scale them right up. Backed by the 51200 ISO and a noise reduction algorithm, the HUAWEI Y9a allows you to snap night photos which are sharp and clear, so you don’t need to worry about missing any vlog-worthy moments at night or in dark environments.

Large Aperture and Ultra-Wide Angle Snaps
The HUAWEI Y9a features an ultra-wide angle mode that really comes in handy when you want to cram all of your friends into a picture or shoot a magnificent landscape. You can also toggle Aperture mode on to blur the background and highlight your subject, making your shots looks even more awesome.

Lighting Effects for Selfies
The HUAWEI Y9a features a 16 MP pop-up front camera for selfies. When it’s dark, the camera automatically retouches your portrait with lighting effects which make you look your best in every situation. That means you can instantly share your photos on social media platform without having to bother about using a photo editor app to adjust the brightness.

Stable Videos
The HUAWEI Y9a’s rear camera is equipped with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) technology, so it can correct camera shakes and produce stable footage. You can easily capture your subject in motion, whether it’s a puppy on a street or a tennis player on a court, without needing any extra equipment.

Last but not least, a quick tip to make social media sharing quick and easy.
With the HUAWEI Y9a, you can select between 2 to 9 photos and use them to create collages, all within the Gallery app. The app has more than 5 collage layouts that you can use as a framework.
The HUAWEI Y9a comes in three colors: Space Silver, Sakura Pink, and Midnight Black. It’s now available in Ghana, starting at 1569GHS. If you are looking for a phone for taking remarkable photos and vlogging, then check out the HUAWEI Y9a!