Experts have gathered that, powering smartphones with Artificial Intelligence features could enhance the phone’s performance as well as increase value for users.

It has also been predicted that by 2022, 80 percent of smart phones will have AI capabilities.

1.According to AI experts, smart phones will be able to recognize users and predict their next move.

It will understand users, their needs, when they need it and execute it accordingly.

2.However, Angie Wang also mentioned that smart phones will be able to track users, to learn, plan and solve problems for them.

In a connected home, your smart phone can issue a command to turn your fridge on 30 minutes before you get home from work, in case you prefer cold drinks after a hot day.

3. Smart phones will also have emotion sensoring systems which will detect, analyze, process and respond to user’s emotional moods.

4. They will have, audio analytics; devices that can listen to real world sounds and instruct users.

Your smart phone can listen to natural sound and tell if there is someone walking towards your door.

5. Smart phones will have Augumented Reality (AR). Apple included an ARkit feature in phones using IOS 11, Google has also announced its ARCore, an AR developer tool for Android users.

Google however, plans to enable about 100 million Android devices with this feature by the end of this year.

AR can be used in apps that help collect data and detect illness such as skin cancer.

Although, AI experts have identified these features, users are worried.

They believe that just as this technology has its pros, it comes with its accompanying cons like eavesdropping on users and others around them.