Space rocket has successfully launched its Falcon Heavy in the UK.

The Falcon Heavy is the world’s most powerful rocket, with twice the payload capacity of any previous rocket.

The falcon heavy is capable of carrying a 64 tonne payload which, includes Elon Musk’s own Tesla convertible.

The Falcon Heavy headed off to Mars where it was planned to launch the Tesla into orbit.

Thousands of onlookers cheered on as the rocket lifted off and drifted out of view.

Cameras showed the “core” section of the rocket shedding its two Falcon 9 boosters approximately three minutes after lift off, both of which managed to make successful landings back on Earth.

True to his word, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shot his Tesla Roadster into space, along with a dummy named Starman behind the wheel.

The car is headed towards an elliptical orbit that will see it drift in space for hundreds of millions of years.

SpaceX in a tweet said the “second stage engine cutoff as planned,” with Elon Musk adding that the upper stage “will spend 5 hours getting zapped in Van Allen belts & then attempt final burn for Mars.”

The Falcon Heavy has now been tagged the most powerful operational rocket in the world.

SpaceX originally designed the rocket to carry humans into space, including potential missions to Mars, but Musk now says the Falcon Heavy will never involve human passengers.