Industry leaders from Academia and ICT Ecosystem have praised Huawei’s ICT Academy and other Tertiary Talents intiatives of Huawei as a step in the right direction and a prerequisite for for equipping the youth to be professionals while remaining globally competitive.

An Educationist and the Head of the Center for Professional Development at the Ghana Communications Technology University, Madam Araba Hackman Akanji described the Huawei ICT Academy of which her University is an authorized Academy as well structured professional certification program which prepares students adequately for the job market. She said, “The way the courses are designed and instructed is very practical and I realize it’s engages the students in a lot of hands-on training, something most students at the University have given positive feedback on”.

She went on to mention how the Huawei ICT Academy creates an easy pathway for the students to enter the job market. According to her, the program is fast becoming the most popular Certification program on campus due to word-of-mouth recommendations from students who currently have opportunities working at various leading companies in the ICT industry in Ghana and beyond.

Speaking on the innovative and ubiquitous approach of the Huawei ICT Academy, Madam Araba Hackman Akanji was marveled about how the program continued to attract students even during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic when schools closed down. “When most professional programs on campus became dormant during the pandemic, , more and more students continued to register to take the Huawei ICT Academy program due to the Innovative Study at Home initiate which Huawei introduce for the students and instructors to be able to take the course irrespective of their location. The introduction of data incentives among other interesting packages saw our numbers rise and between 2020 and now over 470 students have taken the course” she said.

CEO Ghana Chamber of Technology, Derrydean Dadzie

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Technology and an ICT Policy and Strategy Specialist and Consultant, Mr. Derrydean Dadzie was particularly impressed with the Huawei Seeds for the Future Program. He noted that aside from building the capacity of participants, the Seeds for the Future trains participants to become problem solvers
also inspire entrepreneurship. “What the program does is that it exposes the students to real life experiences, asking them, what problems can be solved? And how can you solve this problem? And how can what you have learnt in the classroom [during the Seeds Program] be applied to solve the problem? and I think that is very practical and impressive”.

He added that is an initiative helps cultivate young talent, ensuring that the tech-savvy and change-resilient young people have the skills and mindsets needed to be competitive in the workplaces of the future.

Both Madam Akanji and Mr. Dadzie, made this known during the maiden edition of the ‘Huawei Day with Media’ which was held in Accra.

News Editor, Daily Graphic, Samuel Doe Ablordepey

Renowned Journalist and News Editor for Daily Graphic, Mr. Samuel Ablordepey who was also present at the event was amazed by Huawei’s huge portfolio of innovative solutions and recounted his experience at the 2019 Huawei Connect event as an eye opener. “What I mostly knew about Huawei then was mainly their smartphones and devices as well as strides in the Telecoms, but going there I realized that it’s much more bigger than what we see or hear. It’s a lot more, from Software to Hardware and in fact when we talk about anything ICT or any solution in that regard, I realized that Huawei is the way to go and bingo they have it all” He said.

The first edition of Huawei Day with the Media also included a virtual tour of the company’s ultramodern Darwin Exhibition Centre in Shenzhen, China, where participants were informed about how Huawei is employing advanced technology to make the world a better place through initiatives such as the Huawei #TECH4ALL, as well as the company’s contribution towards the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The Huawei Day with the Media was organized by Huawei Ghana as part of efforts to engage the media, to strengthen relationship, and share the company’s contributions toward building a digital economy, while giving the media the opportunity to better understand operations on Huawei in Ghana.