It’s a new year and if you are confused about which of the Pop-Up Selfie Camera Phones you should get, both Huawei Y9S and Y9 Prime 2019 are excellent choices. They can take your selfies with a cool auto pop-up selfie camera and offer you a truly all-screen display with no notch or hole.

They have an immersive and massive screen for a panoramic viewing experience, be it for watching videos, or simply scrolling through the web or chatting with friends. Let’s help you make a choice by explaining some of the features and differences between the two amazing smartphones:

48MP VS 16MP AI Triple Camera
The rear of both phones are a vertical line of three different lenses: Huawei Y9s 48MP+8MP+2MP whiles the Y9 Prime is 16MP+8MP+2MP. These lenses provide pictures that are clear with top quality and high contrast.

The 48MP/16MP lens allows more light into the sensor to capture vivid and full-of-colors night pictures in low-light places. Thanks to artificial intelligence stabilization, you even get a support of 6 seconds at nighttime for handheld long exposure shots. And for lovers of slow motion videos, both phones record videos at 480 frames per second and plays them back at 1/16th of the normal speed.

The big difference lies in the high resolution 48MP Main Camera with an f/1.8 aperture, which is not only capable of producing high resolution images, but can also support improved light sensitivity that benefits low light photography through its 1/2-inch sensor. In terms of software, Y9S uses the AI-assisted Multi-frame Noise Reduction helping users to take great night photos by handheld long exposures of up to six seconds.

Fingerprint Scanner
HUAWEI Y9s adopts a side-fingerprint design, which combines the power button and fingerprint unlock button into one. The Y9 Prime 2019 sticks to the traditional Y Series back finger print scanner.

The Y9s’ design ensures the integrity of the front and back panels, and also makes the idea of “using one button for multiple purposes” a reality. Slightly tap the button to lock/unlock the screen. Press and hold for one second to activate Voice Assistant. Press and hold for up to three seconds to switch off the phone. In terms of unlock speed, HUAWEI Y9s provides instant recognition and you lock, which takes only 0.3 seconds with just one tap.

Big Memory
HUAWEI Y9s is powered by the high performance, power efficient Kirin 710F chipset and is equipped with 6GB+128GB with an expandable 512GB storage (sold separately). Thanks to Huawei’s advanced Extendable Read-Only File System (EROFS) technology, Y9s can effectively save memory space, leaving more space for apps, songs or videos.

Packed into the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 is a massive storage capacity of 128GB, for all your photos, videos, apps, files and more. If 128GB is not enough, you can easily upgrade to 512GB as well. Supporting all of this is the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019’s 4GB RAM which ensures that apps load faster, allowing for a much smoother user experience.

HUAWEI Y9s and Y9 Prime both have a large battery of 4000mAh (typical value), which enables 1-2 full days of use.

Price and availability
HUAWEI Y9s and Y9 Prime 2019 are both available in Ghana selling at 1499GHS and 1299GHS respectively. The Huawei Y9s comes in two colors -Breathing Crystal and Midnight Black and the Y9 Prime 2019 in three colors – Midnight Black, Sapphire blue and Emerald Green.