The Nairobi Innovation Week (NIW), an annual event held at the University of Nairobi, is inviting Kenyan startups to apply to be one of the 100 pitching startups at the event.

The organizers of the NIW will select 15 of the most promising startups out of the 100.

This will help showcases the new most promising startups in the region, as well as attract the right investors to fund them.

The fourth edition will be taking place in March 2018 to bring together partners from government, the private sector, development partners and research centres with an aim of providing a platform for showcasing and encouraging innovation.

According to Disrupt Africa, this year’s theme is “Innovating for a better tomorrow,” with startups expected to be the focus of the event for the first time.

The Nairobi Innovation Week organising committee has partnered with various startup enablers within the ecosystem to select startups to pitch.

The Chairperson Dr. Tonny Omwansa expressed how delighted he was about the whole event.

“We are delighted to share our collaborative platform with serious players in the regional and international startup ecosystem. We are hopeful that the NIW startup is a springboard for increased collaboration among the many organisations involved,” he said.