Today’s social media is heavily focused on pictures and videos, which can be alarming if you want to step up your social media profile and photography is not your strong suite. Sure, you can invest in a professional camera setup, but that’s going to cost you a lot and it can be a little too complicated to get the hang of. If only there was a much easier solution, one where you don’t spend as much and one where taking photos is as simple as point and click.

Oh wait, there is!

All you need is the new HUAWEI nova 7i, which comes with not one or two, but four cameras in its 48MP AI Quad camera setup. This includes the 48MP main camera for high resolution pictures and videos, 8MP Ultra-wide angle lens for 120 degree field of view, 2MP Macro lens for detailed close-ups and a 2MP bokeh lens for portrait shots. You also get a great selfie camera and to make things even easier, powerful AI system to help you take even better pictures.

Here are a few tips on what you can do, to take some great photos and improve your social media profile.

Frame your shot and simply tap
Thanks to its 48MP Quad AI camera, taking beautiful pictures on the HUAWEI nova 7i is quite simple. All you have to do is find a picture-worthy subject, turn on the camera, frame it exactly the way you want and hit the shutter button. You can also enjoy taking super-high resolution images with the 48MP main camera and even beautiful portrait shots with rich bokeh effects thanks to the 2MP bokeh lens. Honestly, the hardest part comes right after. Getting your social media caption right!

No light? No problem!
How about taking some photos of the night sky? Or even getting some nature-shots of night critters? This is possible with a professional camera and the technical know-how of adjusting shutter speeds, ISO and other complicated things. Let’s make it easier. See something you want to take a picture of?

Simply pull out your HUAWEI nova 7i, turn on the camera and swipe to the Night option. The camera and AI will take care of all the complicated settings, resulting in a truly stunning photo. You owe this to the Handheld Super Night Mode complete with AI stabilization. What does this mean? Well, while you point and click, the camera setup uses advanced technology and AI features to enhance the image, remove noise, adjust exposure and even stabilize it so that you get that perfect shot, without having to use a tripod.

Make it even easier with the help of AI
The HUAWEI nova 7i comes with some seriously powerful AI support that can back you up when you are taking photos. For example, the AI HDR+ feature will enhance light and bring a professional look to your photos, while the AI Body Shaping feature can identify your posture in relation to the environment and help you improve your posture. Taking videos, but worrying about how you can make them ready for posting? The AI Video Editor is here to help! Now you can add background music, trim videos and even add effects all at the touch of a button.

Take both wide-angle shots and close up shots
Landscape shots of the city skyline or sunsets at the beach, the true beauty of these shots are only when it is not awkwardly cropped. You would think a panoramic shot would be the solution, but we all know how challenging it is to take a panoramic shot. This is where the HUAWEI nova 7i’s 8MP Ultra-Wide lens shines. Thanks to its ability to shoot at 120 degree angle, you can get everything in one frame, be it entire sky during a firework show, a big group of friends or even that beautiful sunset shot.

On the other hand, if you want to get a close up with stunning piece of jewelry for an artistic shot, or even zoom in to get the fine details on a leaf, all you have to do is switch to Macro shooting. The 2MP Macro lens will let you get as close as 4cm to your subject, so you can have some creative and well detailed shots to give an artistic look to your social media profile.

Let’s not forget about selfies!
Of course you are going to take a few selfies, who doesn’t these days? But what can really make your selfies stand out is if they look stunning and as if they are shot with a professional camera. Thanks to the 16MP AI Selfie camera that is exactly what you will get. Simply get into frame, get the right pose and hit the shutter. You can also take beautiful selfies in low-light, thanks to Super Night Selfie 2.0, which means you can also post some great pictures of a BBQ or a late night family dinner without worrying about blurry and choppy images.

Follow these tips and take some stunning photos which are the secret ingredients to building your social media profile. So, if you are planning on becoming the next big social media influencer, you know what smartphone you are going to need, the HUAWEI nova 7i.