Swedish company BYON8, is launching AITOPYA, a free mobile application that helps sick people easily access a health check-up in minutes using AI (artificial intelligence) technology.

AITOPYA can be your personal AI doctor, that if you are unsure about why you are feeling symptoms like pain and tiredness, AITOPYA can suggest to you what diagnosis you might have. You can engage with a stunning human 3D model in the app to pinpoint the location of your symptoms.

AITOPYA can also recommend the level of care you need in your country (triage), and educate and empower you with health advice if the condition can be self-managed.

It is handy to keep in your pocket as it can save a record of your medical history with easy one-time input. With AITOPYA, your medical history is safely encrypted and you can own your medical record and can show it to your health center if you need a physical consultation.

(Just like the man on the left is showing, AITOPYA is handy to keep in your pocket as you can possibly send your medical record and communicate with your local health center over long distances from your home!)

Better yet, in the future, you might be able to send your medical record and communicate with your local health center over long distances from your home! This is because AITOPYA has a healthcare professional version that health centers can use to chat or video call securely with patients, and even automate more data-intensive tasks. Byon8 is currently reaching out to health centers that want to access such time-saving benefits.

Uganda is the first country in Africa where AITOPYA’s triage feature has been customized for local settings, hence the launch is focused there. The good news is that AITOPYA’s health check-up feature can still be used by people outside Uganda and is available in English. There will be a gradual rollout of local customizations of the triage feature in English-speaking African countries.

In the future, AITOPYA will also roll out features for people who are keen on maintaining their health, such as useful lifestyle recommendations. You can subscribe on https://www.aitopya.com to be the first to find out about AITOPYA’s latest application updates!

To celebrate the launch of the mobile app, Byon8 will also be having a fun and exciting contest giveaway with 4 great prizes that include a Samsung S9 phone! Head to their FacebookInstagramLinkedin and/or Twitter pages to find out if you are creative enough to win any of their attractive prizes. You can easily download the AITOPYA mobile application for free on the Google Play store today.

More about the Swedish company BYON8 and its AI technology

(From left to right: Matias Murad, Josef Murad)

BYON8 had humble beginnings. It was co-founded back in 2015 by two brothers and their father as they were watching the worsening healthcare situation on television. Josef Murad, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company is a medical doctor and his brother Matias Murad is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the company.

They then recruited a good mix of doctors, working professionals with medical backgrounds and software developers with a passion for international health. The company chose to expand beyond Sweden as BYON8 is driven by its vision to provide equal healthcare to countries around the globe.

Speaking on the vision behind BYON8, Josef, mentioned that it was about, “Creating your own company that has something to do with equal healthcare – that is something we didn’t see in the clinical decision world. A company that wants to do something for both industrial companies and emerging markets.”

BYON8 is walking the innovative talk. Since late 2018, BYON8 has partnered OneWorld Health and Victoria University to assist healthcare professionals at Masindi-Kitara Medical Center and evaluate the healthcare professional version of AITOPYA.