Mr. Frank Darko a student of the Takoradi Technical University, who invented a bicycle that is ridden on water has been awarded a full scholarship by the University.

The Vice Chancellor, Reverend Professor John Frank Eshun, said the full scholarship was to motivate him to undertake more innovations.

This he said will help solve the challenges in the Ghanaian society and the world at large.

He stated that the University was ready to give scholarships to any student who also showed interest in innovation.

However, Rev. Prof. Eshun said the University would take up the project, in collaboration with the student, to improve it in order for it to stand the test of time.

According to him, the University had already established an entrepreneurial and innovation incubation centre to assist students with various talents, which will be turned into business ventures to bring down the unemployment rate.

The inventor said he invented the water bicycle after a documentary he watched which showed school children swimming across a river to get to school.

“I was watching a documentary some years back and I saw school children swimming across a river before going to school. So I told myself, what can I do to help these children and I started thinking. Finally I was able to come up with this idea,” he added.

According to him, it took him over a year to come up with the invention.

He is a final year student at TTU pursuing a Graphic Design course but deferred it due to financial challenges.