Users of telecom networks in the Tamale Metropolis are livid by the proposed tariffs increment.

The imminent tariff increase, effective November 1, follows the government’s implementation of the revised Value Added Tax (VAT).

But some telco subscribers and vendors in the Tamale Metropolis have revealed that the imposition of the new tax will overburden them.

According to some vendors, their sales have already dropped and the increased tariffs could push them out of business.

Students who conduct research online said their studies would be affected.

They thereby implored the government to reject the telecom companies’ proposal.

As a result of network fluctuations in the Northern Region, some mobile phone users are compelled to use almost all the networks particularly MTN and Vodafone.

In view of the impending tariffs increment, the telco vendors, students and internet cafe operators will have to readjust and cope with the situation.

This is why some subscribers and vendors are totally opposed to the proposed tariffs increment.