TCL Communication has launched the Move Time Family Watch (MT30) in South Africa which helps parent stay connected with their children using the latest technology.

The new smartwatch is, according to the company, a fun daily companion for kids.

It enables children to call or message their parents and friends while also providing accurate location tracking and geo-fencing capabilities if children exit a pre-set zone.

The TCL’s Movetime Family Watch MT30 combines the robust technology of Snapdragon Wear 2100 with TCL’s design to deliver a connected rich and fun experience for kids and peace of mind for parents.

Ernst Wittmann, Regional Manager for Southern and East Africa, at TCL said,
“It offers seamless connectivity and reliable safety features to help parents monitor their children’s safety.”

As revealed by the firm, the MT30 features a colourful touchscreen and is easy for young children to use.

They can add friends through Bluetooth, send emoji icons and messages.

It also has some built-in games for the kids to have fun with.

It allows parents and children to exchange voice messages and calls.

The MT30 has up to two days of battery life on a single charge and is robust, water resistant (up to one meter in static water), and dust-proof (IP67).

The SOS button on the watch enables the device to call for help in an emergency, so that parents can locate their child with ease.

Parents, as stated by the company, can use the mobile app to view the whereabouts of the child’s device throughout the day and to contact with the child.

The geo-tracking feature enables parents to see the child’s exact coordinates as well as to define safe zones so that they can be alerted if the child strays out of his or her routine.

Interestingly, it also provides children with to-do lists and reminder functions to help teach children time management.

It can flag important dates to help children and their parents keep track of important events and appointments.