Cowtribe is said to be serving over 29, 000 farmers through their platform since its launch in May 2016.

Ghanaian-based technology startup (Cowtribe) has announced its partnership with the Ghana National Association of Cattle Farmers (GNACAF) today.

According to Cowtribe, the goal of the partnership is to leverage on Cowtribe’s proprietary platform, identify, tag and track all cattle to support the effective delivery of various services.

It also aims at providing an interactive messaging platform for the delivery of actionable information to improve production including alerts, reminders and behavior change.

The partnership also seeks to provide a secured mobile payment solution to actors within the value chain, which will support payments and collections at the community level.

However, the partnership will target about 100,000 farmers in selected districts under a one year pilot program with a longer-term goal of expanding to cover the entire country.

A key challenge the company is seeking to solve is the lack of data about where and when vaccines are needed by these farmers.

According to Peter Awin, CEO of Cowtribe, all farmers will be registered and provided with electronic cards that will link to their unique information to a cloud-based platform.

This he said will enable veterinarians to easily identify each farmer, track the vaccination status of their animals, and administer the right vaccines where they are most needed.

Cowtribe is said to be serving over 29, 000 farmers through their platform since its launch in May 2016.

Peter Awin says, their relationship with GNACAF presents a solid step to enable them expand their services in Ghana and build on their foundation in revolutionizing the animal health sector in Africa.

Cowtribe is a leading mobile health solutions provider in Africa that leverages last mile technologies to provide reliable access to livestock services to farmers.

The company has designed an innovation that allows farmers to be subscribed and tracked for delivery of animal health service such as vaccines, treatment, animal tracking and advisory services quickly.