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As many phone lovers are eager to know what’s next in the smartphone world, scientists have successfully developed phones with flexible batteries which makes the phones foldable.

Due to the flexibility of the battery, the phone can be wrapped around the wrist inside a smartwatch strap.

Researchers have created a spine-like structure that offers stable voltage and high-energy density, no matter which way you bend or flex it.

It is reported that, the new battery designs could improve battery life on smartwatches, like the Apple Watch.

Also researchers at Columbia University have managed to develop high-performance flexible cells that can store large amounts of charge.

According to Assistant Professor Yuan Yang, the leader of the team, the energy density of their prototype is one of the highest reported so far.

He also mentioned that, they have developed a simple and scalable approach to fabricate a flexible spine-like lithium ion battery that has excellent electrochemical and mechanical properties.

Scientists are now working to improve the charging capacity of their flexible batteries.

Just as, Yang’s team is also working on improving their design and boosting overall performance.

It is reported that the flexible cell can hold about 85% of the energy of a standard commercial battery.

But researchers hope that this can be improved, so that eventually the technology could make its way to consumer electronics devices.

These flexible batteries could make foldable smartphones a reality.

However, questions are being raised as to which company will be the first to release its folding flip phone as it is rumoured that Samsung sooner or later will release its version of it called the Galaxy X.