Facebook is still in the news but this time the news is a bit more positive.

Following last Friday’s data breach which saw over 90 million people log out of the social media platform in order to safeguard their account.

Fifty million out of that 90 million had their accounts compromised and as such had to have their access tokens changed.

Upon the time of the said revelation, Facebook was uncertain about the entire scope of the hack.

They knew the number of accounts that had been breached but they were not sure if the said breach had also compromised third party apps that had Facebook logins as an applicable way to sign in.

Yesterday Facebook revealed that upon its investigations, it realized third party apps had not been affected.

Thus apps such as Uber, Tinder, Spotify, Venmo that have sensitive details of users are free from this attack.

Facebook is still investigating the hack and is yet to identify the culprits of said hack.

Facebook followed the right protocols set by the GDPR with regards to data breaches said that upon realizing the data breach, the company had 72 hours to make it known to the public and the Data Protection regulatory boards.

In line with that Facebook reported the incident to the Irish Data Protection Commission two days after discovery of the hack and also reported it to the FBI.

With this new hack Facebook could face a fine from the GDPR for a maximum of 4% of their annual gross (about $1.6 billion).

Already, the company is said to be facing two lawsuits.