Nigerian ISP start-up Tizeti and its consumer facing brand, have closed a Series A investement of $3M, led by 4DX Ventures.

This investment will allow them to expand operations outside Nigeria and launch a new consumer-facing brand, Wifi.Africa, in Ghana this year.

Tizeti builds and operates solar-powered towers in Nigeria, while also providing residences, businesses, events and conferences with unlimited high-speed broadband internet access, covering over 70% of Lagos.

The company has also installed over 7,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots within Nigeria with 150,000 users.

In November 2017, Tizeti announced a partnership with Facebook to offer Express Wi-Fi in the country, to roll out hundreds of internet hotspots across Nigeria’s capital.

“Tizeti was built to tackle poor internet connectivity not only in Nigeria, but on the continent as a whole, by developing a cost-effective solution from inception to delivery, for reliable and uncapped internet access for potentially millions of Africans” says Kendall Ananyi, CEO and Co-Founder.

“We have grown rapidly in the Nigerian market in the last 12 months and expect to continue on this trajectory, as millions more Africans come online.

“This Series A investment allows us to continue providing a peerless service in Nigeria, building out our customer base there, as well as scale across Africa, starting with Ghana”.

Through its use of solar-powered base stations, Tizeti is able to significantly reduce operating costs which allows the company to be hyper-competitive when it comes to subscription packages; a unlimited plan in Nigeria currently costs $30 a month.

This, alongside the company’s extensive coverage reach, has given Tizeti a competitive edge in the ISP sector, establishing the young company as an ICT and tech infrastructure leader.