Many have on several occasions asked what’s next for education with everything moving digital and some obvious answers have been e-learning, however today, there is something different that makes use of digital to enable you meet the right tutors.

This is what Tech Voice Africa brings you today, after an interaction with Mr. Eric Vondee, Founder/CEO of My Home Teacher.

TVA: Mr. Vondee, you are welcome to Tech Voice Africa, as our personality of the week.

Mr. Vondee: It’s a pleasure, I am glad to be on board.

TVA: We heard about your initiative which brings school to the doorstep of interested parties, whiles offering them the best tutors they could ever get. Can you tell us more about the initiative?

Mr. Vondee: My Home Teacher is a business organization designed to provide parents with well-qualified tutors who will teach their children at home in subjects related to STEM. My Home Teacher is aimed at providing effective teaching and learning atmosphere for students from Primary, Junior High and Senior High School in the comfort of their homes.

With My Home Teacher, the teacher meets the academic needs of the student at home for an approved fee. The teacher subscribes with the organization in order to be connected to a student within his locality. The business venture improves the academic performance of students and provides employment opportgunities to graduate teachers to earn an income from home.

TVA: What is the motivation behind the initiative and what do you seek to achieve with My Home Teacher, as we have many schools already doing great?

Mr. Vondee: We all can attest to the fact that some students cannot ask questions in class because they are afraid of being laughed at or referred to as block-headed. The educational system in Africa is one that is characterized by experts as being theoretical. Many students perform poorly in their examinations due to the inability of these students attaining quality education that is needed for empowerment. For a high quality education in Africa and the world at large, there must be one-to-one learning environment for students who are weak in their academics.

One reason for creating My Home Teacher is to reduce the high number of students-to-teacher ratio in classrooms and to give parents the opportunity to provide a one-to-one teaching experience for their wards thereby achieving the SDG Goal 4: Quality Education.

And also, to provide teaching employment opportunities to graduate teachers to earn an income thereby achieving SDG Goal 1: No Poverty and Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.

TVA: How do you know if the person you have selected is qualified to train the children and what are the things you look out for in the tutors?

Mr. Vondee: Teachers who show interest to teach apply via our application portal via the internet, social media, radio commercials and e-mail listing. We scrutinise his or her CV and do our background assessment looking into his track records from people and social media as well. After which we perform an assessment test to see if he is qualified by our own standards. The teacher is then put on probation for a month to know whether he is ready and willing to do the job.
Some of the things we do look out for include:

  • Teaching Experience
  • Academic Qualification
  • Attitude towards kids

TVA: Interesting, how many people have you engaged so far?

Mr. Vondee: My Home Teacher has created jobs for over 78 teachers to approximately 83 students from 2015 to 2019. We have over 500 teachers on our database who have shown interest to be connected to a student as well. Our inflow of clients within the past 3 years have received a nominal increase. In 2016, total clients inflow was 16. In 2017, total clients inflow was 20. In 2018, total clients inflow was 34. Between 2016 to 2018, our clients intake have increase between 33%-70%. This shows the growth pattern of the business. In 2019, on the average, 3 new clients subscribing every month.

The organization has helped improved the academic performance of 83 students, including Abigail who recently received the most improved student award on her graduation day in 2015. My Home Teacher won 2 awards at the 2016 Ghana Startup Awards as the Best Education Startup and Best Student Startup Awards.

TVA: Is My Home Teacher open to all or it’s just limited to Ghana?

Mr. Vondee: At the moment, My Home Teacher is operating at 3 regions in Ghana and hoping to expand to the entire regions. In the long term, we seek to expand it to other West Africa countries as well.

TVA: Personally how do feel after making such an impact?

Mr. Vondee: I feel fulfilled having to start this initiative while in the university as a student who was reading Actuarial Science at the University of Cape Coast, although we encountered some challenges, it has been worth it.

TVA: It was really a pleasure having you Mr. Vondee, we hope to report on other greater works soon.

Mr. Vondee: It’s been a pleasure. Thank you.