Twitter has launched a public beta version of Promote Mode, adding a new way to promote tweets.

Users who had limited ways of boosting their posts have been provided with an easier option which will also enable them manage their campaign ads.

The Promote Mode saves users time by providing them with a simpler approach to advertising on Twitter that doesn’t require marketing skills to run.

Twitter will be promoting Tweets at $99 a month without you having to boost them.

Users will select the keywords and industries they want to comprise their target audience.

While the service picks which tweets it promotes, users can still do individual ad campaigns for tweets they’d like to promote.

Users should expect to see added engagement on their tweets and steady follower growth.

Like most services on Twitter, Promote Mode integrates nicely with their mobile app.

Subscribers will therefore see a new “Promote Mode” icon in their menu where they can find essential analytics regarding the performance of the campaign.

The dashboard displays how many people are seeing their tweets, the number of followers gained, and the number of profile views.

The Promote Mode is which will be rooling out to other countries soon is xurrent available in US and UK.