Two individuals, have donated a number of glucometers to support the Sugar Project of Project Ghana.

The doners, Louisa Appiah and Winfred Rwatchey-Johnson presented the items to Joy FM SMS host, Kojo Yankson.

According to them, the glucometers will assist people living with diabetes to live right.

They presented 300 Glucometers which costs about GHc150,000.00.

Louisa Appiah mentioned that the Glucometer they presented was a donation from an individual.

According to her, they appealed to institutions and individuals for support.

She also said they undertook the initiative, after realizing lifestyle diseases were becoming a major health problem in Ghana.

According to her, although the glucometer is a very necessary equipment for persons living with diabetes, it’s very expensive.

This has made it difficult for people living with diabetes to afford, a more reason why they decided to assist.

Kojo Yankson upon receiving the items, on behalf of the Sugar Project mentioned that it came at the right time as they really needed it.

According to him, the Sugar Project in collaboration with the Rotary Club is liaising with Millennium Promise to identify people living with diabetes in every district.

The project, according to Kojo Yankson, will see Millennium Promise use technology to map the entire country.

However, he explained that it will help identify the causes, and the kind of diets that are increasing such cases in the country.

“By the end of this year, we will know the exact situation of diabetes in Ghana and equipment such as these glucometers are invaluable because these are what the community health nurses will be using when they go out to do the testing,” Mr. Yankson noted.

He praised the group for their donation and asked that other individuals and institutions to replicate the gesture.

Source: Joy News