There are reports that the Transport Ministry has issued a directive demanding all Uber operators to brand their vehicles as taxis in Ghana.

The Uber operators have been given a one month ultimatum to brand their vehicles according to sources close to the ministry,

This directive was supposedly issued after the Commercial Taxi Drivers Association petitioned the Transport Ministry over a breach of LI 2180 by Uber operators.

The LI demands that all taxi operators brand their vehicles in the accepted taxi colours and display a taxi sign on top of their vehicles.

Contrarily, Uber drivers are noted for using private vehicles with no semblance to taxi.

Speaking on TV3, General Secretary of the Commercial Taxi Drivers Association Steven Nimo, claimed the ministry issued the directive after a stakeholder meeting.

The General Secretary also mentioned that the directive was issued on January 10, 2018 where Uber was present.

According to him, Uber Operators will be given a commercial number plate and licence before they can operate, in the country.