The Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast Prof. George Oduro has asked government to ban Whatsapp usage during working hours.

According to him, the ban will help boost productivity.

Prof. George Oduro also mentioned that workers addiction to Whatsapp has been hindering productivity at workplaces and as such government should do something about it.

“I’m tempted to propose if the government can put restriction to Whatsapp during working days so workers can only gain access after working hours”, he said.

According to him, many teachers and workers discard their duties and spend majority of their time on whatsapp which is a contributing factor to low productivity in workplaces.

He however, outlined the consequences associated with workers addiction to whatsapp making them shred their responsibilities.

“If teachers do not use time well but browse Whatsapp messages then we cannot maximize the benefit of equitable distribution,” he added.