Earlier this year a very interesting movie was released; Upgrade was its name.

The movie’s premise was set in the near future where the growing technologies of today are an actualized and standard staple (for some) in the lives of the characters.

From homes being controlled by fully functional and somewhat sentient Artificial Intelligence programs to driverless cars, the near future in that movie seemed like a future we could very well reach in a couple of years.

The plot of the movie surrounded Grey Trace a restorer of classic cars who was not particularly fond of the technological advancements in the world especially since he was a gear head.

Things took a very sour turn when he was involved in a very brutal mugging that resulted in not only the demise of his wife but also a complete paralysis of his body.

However he regains his ability to move when a genius billionaire inventor implants a chip with an Artificial Intelligence programme called STEM into him.

This enabled him to be able to regain control of his body.

Watching this movie you would probably be wondering if we are currently in a world where such a feat is possible.

You will be wondering if technology can bring this fiction into reality and how soon that will be.

Well this science fiction is a reality today.

Kelly Thomas and Jeff Marquis are two persons who were involved in accidents that resulted in some serious damage to their spines resulting in their being unable to walk until now.

The pair were involved in a study at the University of Louisville which was revealed today.

The study involved a 16-electrode array that delivers electrical stimulation to the spinal cord of the participants, enabling them to walk.

The device named ‘Junior’, has enabled the participants to walk a very short distance but with the aid of a walker.

Till date there haven’t been treatments for spinal cord damage and the resultant paralysis but this device is a huge leap in the right direction.

The device did not work as effectively with some other participants of the study but it has resulted in all participants being able to stand and move their legs.

It would seem the movie Upgrade wasn’t so distant in the future.

We will definitely let you know what happens next with ‘Junior’.