A group of undergraduate students from Helwan University based in Egypt have designed a one-person vehicle that runs on air as part of their graduation project.

The vehicle which has been designed to fight rising energy prices in the country will also help promote clean energy.

According to the creators, the vehicle which costs 18,000 Egyptian pounds (£780/ $1,000) to build can hit 25 mph (40km/h).

It has a range of 19 miles (30km) before it needs to be refuelled with more compressed oxygen.

However, the students are sure they will eventually get the vehicle to top 62 mph (100km/h) and run for 62 miles (100 kilometres) with future prototypes.

The team is now looking to raise funds to expand the project and mass produce the vehicles.

The go-kart-like vehicle comes as Egypt pushes ahead with painful economic reforms that include deep cuts to energy subsidies.

These measures are tied to a three-year $12 billion (£9bn) IMF loan programme which commenced in 2016.

Last month Segway also made a steerable go-kart with its parent company expected to roll out a kit that attaches to its hoverboard model, the miniPro.