In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, governments have had to shutter various parts of the country to protect citizens from infections. Very few businesses have been labeled as ‘essential’ and have been allowed to run as fully as possible and network providers have been included in said group.

Viavi Solutions Inc., a network test, measurement and assurance technology company, has improved its services around the globe for field instruments used by fiber, cable and mobile service providers, as well as for lab and production test systems used by network equipment manufacturers.

As part of the essential mandate, at least two service centers per region are operational. Viavi Solutions has enabled redundancy between service centers, increased shift rotations, provided employees with personal protective equipment (PPE), mandated social distancing and has followed all local guidelines for health and safety.

The company is also fulfilling obligations to requests from major customers under support contracts. This includes the maintenance of continuity in frontline support, hitting all performance objectives, and reducing physical presence on customer premises, based on their requirements.

Additionally, Viavi provides remote support for the ONMSi fiber monitoring system used by major service providers at all hours of the day, every day. It also provides remote support for TM500 and TeraVM lab validation solutions.

VIAVI has improved its calibration services which sends an employee with a mobile calibration lab to answer client requests. PPE and bleach wipes are used to maintain sanitary conditions. Calibration is usually performed overnight so that downtime is minimal.

Complimentary remote access on supported instruments has also been provided by the company to adhere to social distancing requirements and prevent return visits.