A subsidiary company of Vodafone Group, Vodacom has expanded its market to 19 new African countries.

By the adding of 19 new countries, Vodacom has now already been extended to 28 markets footprint.

In the future, the communication service provider will keep on increasing its market to 47 countries in Africa.

Vodacom, through the help of Vodacom Business, has almost covered all of the African countries with its fixed connectivity.

This high-scale expansion supports the ambitions to provide for its customers in the countries.

Moreover, Vodacom’s network creates a secure and smooth connectivity for multinational organizations.

The MD for Vodacom Business Africa Group, Guy Clarke says:

“To maintain a competitive advantage and remain relevant to customer’s fast-changing needs, organizations are digitally transforming their DNA’s across all customer touch points.

“Therefore, having a network that is not only extensive but also flexible and scalable to changing demands, has become an imperative CTO’s consider when choosing how best to connect their geographically dispersed operations in Africa.

“This is the peace-of-mind CTO’s have enjoyed over the years when utilizing Vodacom’s extensive network, knowing they will be able to further leverage their global capabilities in these 47 African markets, to get closer to their local customers while focusing on their core business value propositions.

“Coupled with this expansion, our ongoing Software-Defined network transformation program re-enforces our resolve to be a strategic enabler at the heart of our customer’s digital transformations,” Guy added.