Fiskl has partnered with the Vodacom Group to bring mobile and digital technology together for South Africa’s small businesses.

Fiskl is a mobile-first financial management platform that has re-designed the way day to day finances are managed in a small business.

By offering local pricing, ability to invoice in over 60 languages and over 150 currencies, Fiskl appeals to an increasingly global and highly mobile set of entrepreneurs, especially in Africa, where Fiskl already has customers in 11 countries.

Through this collaboration, Fiskl will be integrated in Vodacom’s business offering, allowing any customer to easily add Fiskl to their business apps from the Vodacom Cloud Marketplace.

This will enable entrepreneurs to have an instant overview of their daily finances and the ability to manage their business and staff from anywhere, thus empowering them to not only efficiently manage their cash flow but also to focus on growing their business.

“Fiskl’s main focus is to make advanced mobile technology truly accessible to micro businesses globally.

“Micro-SMEs are the lifeblood of the global economies (over 350M worldwide and growing) yet up to 70% of these are unserved or underserved in terms of finances, access and technology,” says Alina Lapusneanu, Fiskl CEO and founder.

The Fiskl app is available to download from Apple, Google or on the web at

With a rich roadmap of features, integrations and API automation, Fiskl will help small businesses develop a good relationship with their finances.

It will also help reduce uncertainty and ultimately, aid entrepreneurs in understanding how to make smart financial decisions.