The just held Ghana Business Awards gave Vodafone a high honor when it awarded the telecom company with the prestigious Digital Champion of the Year Award.

The Award is in recognition of a very proactive digital campaign through its products, services, brand building and thought-leadership activities.

Vodafone’s CEO, Yolanda Cuba was named the “Most Promising CEO of the Year” at the same ceremony.

Yolanda’s accomplishments cap a three-year stint at the telecommunications company, where she has achieved tremendous success both for the company and the industry as a whole.

Vodafone has over the years demonstrated its commitment to using modern and innovative channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp to connect and engage with its customers in line with its commitment to lead Ghana’s digital revolution.

Commenting, Gayheart Mensah, Director for External Affairs at Vodafone Ghana said:

“This is a vindication of the hard work we continue to put in as a telecommunications company, leading the digital agenda in Ghana.

“In an age where technology has become ubiquitous, companies such as ours have a major responsibility for empowering our customers with confidence and optimism.

“They need to feel that they can rely on us to help them navigate the uncertainty of the landscape and we guarantee that.”

The Ghana Business Awards provides a platform to recognize individuals and companies that play a significant role in the growth and development of their business sector whilst recognizing the key functions within the sector that promote growth and sustainability.