The third competition in the semifinals of the 2018 National Science and Maths Quiz, matched West Africa SHS(WASS) against Krobo Girls’ SHS and Prempeh College with WASS eliminating defending champions Prempeh College in an unforeseen feat.

Defending champions Prempeh College showed why they where champions by taking the lead with 26 points in the first round.

First-timers WASS however did not come to play; dogging the heels of Prempeh College with 23 points and Krobo Girls’ SHS bringing up the rear with 11 points.

WASS in a complete turnaround took the lead in the second round with 29 points with Prempeh College not far behind with 27 points and Krobo Girls’ SHS floundering with 10 points.

This game of cat-and-mouse between Prempeh College and WASS continued well into the fourth round with Prempeh College taking the lead but losing it to WASS’ 46 points by the end of the round.

And then in a move so unexpected it left everyone save WASS supporters speechless: WASS’ Tade O. Abdul Hameed and Arkoh Sahene pulverized Prempeh College with 52 points to their 45 leading to Prempeh College’s humbling defeat.

Krobo Girls’ SHS ended the competition with 29 points.

And so with their unprecedented win against Prempeh College, WASS will be competing in the grand finale against Adisadel College and St. Peter’s College as the dark horse of the competition.