Whatsapp has introduced a new feature in its latest update which allows users to easily access any deleted media file.

The new update which allows users to re-download media files like images and videos  even if they have deleted those images locally from their file manager is available in Whatsapp’s latest version.

Although a precise date can’t be given as to how long it has been functioning, the latest update is said to be working perfectly fine.

The Android Police team tested the feature for all kinds of media files like images, GIFs, videos, audio and documents and the feature worked for all of them perfectly.

Files which users have deleted from Whatsapp cannot be retrievable in any way.

But the feature only works if the users removed the files from Gallery or File Manager.

However, after users have updated their Whatsapp to the latest version, they can access the media which was deleted from   Gallery or File Manager by opening the Whatsapp conversation that contains the file.

To download the deleted files, users will  see a burred thumbnail of the file with a download button on it.

They can then tap on the icon to re-download the deleted files.

Additionally WHATSAPP has introduced a feature for users who think this is still risky and as such don’t want to keep the media files in gallery due to privacy issues.

The feature called Media Visibility, allows users to hide any media downloaded from gallery.

It can be controlled in the WhatsApp  settings tab.