With the launch of the EMUI 10.1, Huawei introduced Multi-screen Collaboration, a unique feature developed based on Huawei’s distributed technology to improve the productivity of users. This feature offers seamless collaboration between laptops and smartphones.

With just one tap, your phone’s screen will pop up on the laptop, and then you can control both devices at the same time with one keyboard and touchpad, which definitely minimises the time required to pick up your smartphone and the time required for your brain to switch attention from one subject to another.

Huawei’s Multi-screen Collaboration goes one step further with the newly released HUAWEI P40 Series running EMUI 10.1. Thanks to the Huawei distributed technology, laptop resources can now be virtualised and utilised by smartphones – not just its screen, keyboard and touchpad, but also the laptops’ camera and audio peripherals can be used on the smartphone.

Say goodbye to shaky mobile video calls
Smartphones have become a must-have item for many, and the number of people who use smartphones at work is steadily going up. Apart from text messages and audio calls, making video calls is another efficient way to communicate with your teammates, clients and partners when you are working remotely from the office.

On Huawei’s Multi-screen Collaboration, after a smartphone is connected with a laptop, popular social network apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat can tap into the laptop’s camera and microphone for video calls. In this way, you can easily video call your mobile contacts with your laptop. Most importantly, you don’t have to hold your phone or worry about having shaky videos.

Access smartphone files as you would on your computer
The smartphone can be packed with a lot of work-related information – for instance work related documents are sent from colleagues or partners through messaging apps, articles are downloaded from websites or pictures are taken through your smartphone. With Multi-screen Collaboration, you can now open up files such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and photos on your smartphone directly using PC software – no prior transfer required!

Instant hotspot with a click
From time to time, you’d want to grab your laptop and move around in order to get new inspiration and keep things afresh. It could be a café, a park or a library, but not everywhere provides internet access for your devices. Thanks to Huawei’s Multi-screen Collaboration, you can easily make your smartphone into a cellular hotspot with just a click.

Unlike a personal hotspot which requires a password and connects like a standard Wi-Fi access point, the process of connecting to your smartphone with your laptop is easier. With this function, you can still stay connected and keep on working wherever you are.